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Feeling Brave

an effort to respect myself

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my name is marta (i know it sounds like an 'old lady' name). i started this journal in august 2006 just to vent but its become more than that. for me, its a support line and a safe place. ive met really amazing people on here and i wouldnt give them up for the world.
sometimes you just gotta put yourself first.
i am 19.
i just finished my first year of college with a 4.0
i cant drive (legally). but i still have my permit
i dont have a real job.
i stay up late and hate sleeping in.
i love biking early in the morning. i did it this morning in fact.
i hated french class but i speak it outside of class anyway.
i am 5 kinds of cracka.
ive gone to the head doctor during the school year for the past 2.5 years.
most of my journal is friends only but i do the occasional public post.
im sick of talking to people.
i really have nothing better to do with my time. maybe i should work on that
i am bored.
i am smart.
i go to college in michigan.
im getting an apartment in the fall with a girl i met in the dorm, dust :)
i might join the military
i act tough but im "not as bad ass as [i] think [i] am."
i love to read.
i love lifting.
i like writing snail mail.
i like surprises.
i want to adopt kids. a little chinese girl. name her tito
i am a mod in SIA.
i rock my own socks off!
im so confused.
i have a tattoo of a puzzle piece on my head and an octopus on my ankle.
i have my lip and nose pierced. i took out my nipple rings after having them for a year.
i am mostly done meeting people online.
if i get too close to you ill remove you from my friends because chances are good that ill write about you and you cant read that.